How selling works

Selling with Cohome

Sellers with a great vacation home will find motivated, powerful buyers for partial equity, or their whole property.

Existing owners may also decide to sell some of their property shares, move to new Cohome, or resell completely.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sell your whole home
Earn passive income and appreciation

Come to CoHome to find a buyer with purchase power for the right opportunity.

Our LLC co-owner groups are looking for a great investment, and have more leverage than most single buyers.

Resell at your price
Earn passive income and appreciation

After the initial 12 months of ownership, there are no restrictions on timing or list price for the sale of your property share.

Our homes are in desirable areas, which typically yield 10-20% appreciation over time.


Sell down some equity

If you own a vacation home, you’re probably not using it 365 days a year.

Get more value from your home by selling down a portion of your equity. Get more liquidity, or diversify to other homes or markets.

We’ll streamline the transaction, prepare a property-specific LLC between the owners, and take care of the ongoing management of the home, so you can enjoy your home (or rent it out) with less hassle.

We’ll help you find buyers

We’ll market your listing to our interested buyers and connections, and help you market more broadly if desired.

Our partner agent will provide comparisons (comps) and help you with pricing.

Where ever your life takes you, Cohome is an investment that can flex with your needs.

Connect with us to see how Cohome can help you invest in your lifestyle.

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