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Cohome is an additional avenue of opportunity for both buyers and agents. Find the right fit for your lead that was running cold.

Referrals are easy - no escrow or writing offers.

Earn 3.5% commission on the share price after a quick closing, and 1% at resale.

Refer from anywhere in the U.S. Your referral commission is guaranteed.

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Daphne Royse

Agent, Intero Real Estate Brokerage San Francisco Bay Area

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Close more deals.
Co-ownership expands the buyer pool.
Less capital is needed, so clients who used to be unqualified leads can become winning partners. Certain buyers may want a share in 4 different homes through CoHome, rather than 100% of one vacation home.
Each of CoHome’s LLC groups has more buying power than a typical individual buyer.
This can create an advantage in a competitive market, and opens a new avenue for agents to gain commissions, regardless of where in the U.S. they’re licensed.

Create opportunity.
The smallest property share CoHome offers is 1/8th. So the price to own a property share is 7/8ths less than it would be to own 100% of the property. The ability to buy with less capital means that the barrier of entry into real estate investing is reduced.
The property value will appreciate with the market, and it can be flexibly enjoyed or rented out by the owner for 44 days through the year.
Co-ownership of a vacation home that can double as a rental property may provide your client with a passive income stream, with no extra work or cost on their part.

Invest in the future.
The property and the LLC are fully managed by CoHome, so buyers don’t need any special knowledge of real estate, investing, property care and management, or the rental market.
This makes life easier for all owners, but could be particularly helpful to clients who are first-generation investors, or just getting started in real-estate investment.
After closing, CoHome stays involved in the care of the property and LLC management. But when your client decides to sell, they’re still your client. You’ll receive a 1% commission on the sale price of the property share.

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