Co-invest in your lifestyle

Earn income

Earn a rental income while you’re away. We handle bookings, maintenance, upkeep and income distribution to make the process of earning rental income hassle-free.

Live in the dream

Enhance your lifestyle now with stays in your vacation home. Our turnkey service and fully managed homes create a truly relaxing vacation stay.

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Co-ownership of vacation homes and rental properties

01Share expenses with up
to 7 other co-owners.

02Enjoy your stays, and rent it out
while you’re away.

03Fully-managed dream homes that
appreciate with market growth.

Cohome offers property
co-ownership - not a time share

FeaturesCohomeFull homeTime shareAirbnb
Real-estate ownership
Option to rent outsome
Managed & stress-free
Less cost with better usage
LLC protection
Consistent amenities
Resell with appreciation
How Cohome works


Be among the first to see new listings, new deals, and new things Cohome is doing.
Find the right vacation home for your shared investment. Any home that meets our criteria can become a Cohome.
Financing is simple. Since these homes can often be rented out to create their own income, there’s typically no need for a W2.
You can rent out the home while you’re away. We’ll handle the rentals and care of the home. The cash goes to you.
Share expenses with 7 vacation-home owners. Enjoy 44+ days of stays in your fully managed home (or rent it out while you’re away).
If it’s time to sell, we’ll support your resale at market price. Homes bought through Cohome are in desirable locations, which typically yield 10-20% appreciation over time.
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Owner's stories

Don’t just take our word for it — hear from other Cohome owners how easy it is to create lasting memories and enjoy hassle-free ownership in their luxury second homes.

Invest in your lifestyle

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For real estate agents

We do the paperwork. You get the commissions. Refer from anywhere in the U.S.
Quick, easy closings
3.5% of the share price
Another 1% at resale
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