About us

Our origin story

Cohome Founder Mao Du was inspired to start Cohome after she went on a walk with a friend in the Cupertino neighborhood of San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Her friend was interested in buying his first investment home, and began checking home prices on Zillow.

He said there was no way that he could afford one of the houses, even on his salary as a Bay Area software engineer.

He wanted to invest in a home that could build equity while he enjoyed it or earned a passive income from renting it out.

That’s when Mao had the idea that “co-investment” with qualified buyers who had the same goals could drastically reduce the barrier to entry for people to invest in real estate.

Our Vision

We want to create opportunity for more people to build wealth for tomorrow, and invest in the quality of their lifestyle today.

Our Mission

We minimize the cost of investing in valuable real estate by leveraging LLC co-ownership.

We maximize the value for owners by making it easy to enjoy through the year, and easy to draw income from renting it out.

Our team

Meet the executive leadership team

Mao Du

CEO & Founder


Xiaojie Li

Head of Engineer


Bei Zhang



Leah Estellado

Transaction Coordinator


Grace Cao



Michele Catasta

Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board


Tom Tran

Managing Broker


Donnie Pingaro

Real Estate Advisory Board


Roger Royse

Corporate Council


Kevin Tang

Senior Business Development

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